Many people ask two questions when they hear the name of my design business:

      1. Do you only do horse stuff?

      I answer, No.


      2. Why is your name Purple Horse Designs?

      I generally give the short answer, Because it’s different and I love horses.

      Here is the longer answer:

      Several years ago, I came across a book titled “The Purple Cow.”

      Written by Seth Godin, it is a book about marketing and being noticed in the business world.

      [quote]You’re either a Purple Cow or you’re not. You’re either remarkable or invisible. Make your choice.[/quote]

      Well, I decided I wanted to be remarkable and stand out, and the name Purple Horse Designs was born.

      Chances are, if you’re reading this, you like horses. And even if you don’t, you’ve probably seen enough of them to know that if you saw a purple one, it would be something special!

      Purple Horse Designs Logo Anna Smolens equine photography