Today I have been working on getting my profiles together on different social media networks.

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      When I started to create a cover photo for Twitter, I wanted to create something that was going to immediately communicate what I do, and I wanted to focus on my photography.

      I wanted it to say that what I offer is accessible to anyone and I want everyone to know that they can have beautiful portraits of themselves, or of their horses.

      I got the model of a Before & After shot from a world renowned portrait photographer, Sue Bryce. I’ve always enjoyed shooting fashion and magazine inspired portraits of everyday women. I think every woman deserves beautiful photographs of herself, and to have the experience of feeling like the models we see in magazines every day.

      I came across Sue, who has become one of the world’s top glamour photographers. She freely gives advice to other photographers on her blog and teaches fantastic workshops about her business.

      One of the most popular sections on her website is her Before & After page. Everyone loves a good makeover transformation, right? I know I do! I can remember spending hours each summer as a teen watching makeover talk shows on tv.

      So, it’s easy enough to create a Before & After of a person. But I also wanted to incorporate my equine photography.

      For people who see their favorite horse every day – muddy, fuzzy, and normal – it can be so exciting to see them all dolled up and photographed professionally.ย  For many horse-mom’s, it’s almost the same thing as having your child’s portrait taken.

      So here’s my very first Before & After, created for my Twitter account.



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