Erin and her horse Joe were fantastic models on an early cloudy, rainy morning shoot. Partners for 5 years, Erin originally purchased him to foxhunt, but has also shown Joe in jumpers and Novice level eventing.

      Joe is 13 years old, and the half Arabian side of him showed through during the shoot – he was quiet and well behaved but super alert, listening and watching absolutely everything that was going on around him.

      I had a blast photographing them and I hope you enjoy a sampling of the images from their session!



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      Erin says that Joe loves kids and gives the best snuggles and kisses, especially when she’s had a bad day. He may only be 14.2H, but he is full of personality. It was easy to see the trust and feeling between them.

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      Erin and Joe work hard, but they love to play hard too. There are lots of bareback rides and fun indoor tag sessions. Though this was the first time Erin rode him bareback in a dress – and of course Joe thought the biggest flowers in the field were meant to be jumped!

      Joe also likes to play this funny tongue game where he sticks it out and when Erin tries to grab it, he holds it between his teeth and pulls his lip over it. I didn’t get to see this during our session, but if there’s ever video evidence, I want to see!

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