I love using Instagram. There are a wealth of other photographers who post fantastic work, and it’s a great platform to browse and get inspired.

      Until this summer, I wasn’t super active on my account other than to use the filters when I posted pictures of random things to my personal Facebook page.

      Slowly, I’ve gained more followers the old fashioned way. I don’t do this ‘follow for follow’ or ‘shoutout for shoutout’ thing unless I actually want to follow or give a shoutout. Heck, I was seeing f4f and sfs all the time and had no idea what it even meant until I Googled it!

      Anyway, I post a lot of photos on there that don’t appear on my website or Purple Horse Designs Facebook page, so I wanted to get some up here for people who don’t use Instagram.

      Now, the amount of followers I’ve gotten since I started this has more than doubled, so there are certainly some photos that I posted 5 months ago that may be more popular if I posted them now, so if you don’t see one of your photos on here, I may have just posted it when no one was paying attention to me yet!

      25.assateague pony portrait

      24.selle francais mare trotting

      23.arabian mare rearing sunset

      22.erin and joe horse portrait

      21.arabian horse portrait

      20.thoroughbred horse portrait

      19.christmas horse santa hat

      18.hands attaching flash bridle

      17.oldenburg horse running portrait

      16.horse dressed as santa

      15.selle francais horse portrait

      14.percheron friesian cross gelding

      13.christmas horse ornaments

      12.arabian horse flowers in mane

      11.two chincoteague ponies black and white

      10.oldenburg horse running portrait

      9.dressage horse portrait in shadow

      8.miniature horse poinsettias in mane

      7.fjord ponies with christmast lights

      6.silhouette horse and rider

      5.black horse running

      4.percheron horse dressage portrait

      3.arabian horse rearing silhouette

      2.quarter horse thoroughbred gelding portrait

      1.Chincoteague pony hiding behind bush

      And there you have it! As of December 28th, the top 25 images by likes on my Instagram! Make sure you follow me for behind the scenes, sneak peeks, and Instagram-only photos!