I initially posted this as a comment on Instagram and thought it was worth repeating here on the blog, along with a few of the more recent photos that I’ve posted on there.

      I like to think I have a style.

      Yet at the same time, I love both bright, sun drenched images as well as dark, moody images.

      bright sunny horse image with dark silhouette equine

      I love pastels, and I love deep, rich tones.

      two sunset photos, one light, one dark

      (Bonus fun fact: The two photos above were taken on the same night, during the same sunset, about 10 minutes apart as the sky changed with the sunset!!)

      I love beautiful, classic portraits, as well as contemporary, modern shots.

      women posing with their horses

      I never want to feel like I’m pigeonholed into creating one type of image or that all of my images have to look the same to be mine.

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