Exactly 52 weeks ago, I posted an image on my Instagram page with the caption “Wow! 1k! Thank you! <3 <3.”

      As of today, I have 52,670. (!!!!!)

      To say I’ve seen some growth is an understatement. It’s been absolutely amazing and humbling to have so many people want to see more of my photography!

      I was also very excited to see Instagram allow full size images, instead of restricting the crop to squares only, as you’ll find on last year’s top Instagram images post.

      So, while the images I posted during the last few months have had a bit of an advantage over those posted at the beginning of the year, here are my top 30 images on Instagram for 2015:

      (The one at the top of my daughter Autumn and our horse Bravo happened to jump up in the middle of the top 30 in less than a day, so I threw it up as the featured image!)


      30. Over the Moon, or “Moonie,” an Oldenburg filly owned by Larissa Bariliar of High Point Hanoverians and let loose in the indoor arena. She is also Miss June in the 2016 Horses in the Studio Calendar!

      baby horse foal oldenburg


      29. Furst Impression, or “Frankie”, a Hanoverian stallion standing at High Point Hanoverians. He is also Mr. November in my 2016 Horses in the Studio Calendar!

      hanoverian stallion chestnut horse


      28. Ionia, or “Oni,” a Selle Francis mare. If you are a regular follower of my Facebook and/or Instagram, you’ll know that this mare was born to model. Super sweet and up for anything, she is one of my go-to horses when I’m looking to try out new ideas. Also Miss July in the 2016 Horses in the Studio Calendar.

      selle francais mare studio portrait


      27. Bravo Encore, or “Bravo,” is my own 22 year old Arabian. This is a shot from 2014 that I reposted recently. It is one of my favorite photos.

      Arabian horse studio portrait


      26. Bravo again, taken this year. While I’ve never done anything breed related with him, I’ve always wanted a few more ‘traditional’ Arabian shots! A headshot from this shoot is in the 2016 Horses in the Studio Calendar.

      Arabian horse full body portrait


      25. Star Fighter, a lovely young Hanoverian stallion free jumping at a Young Horse Show that I photographed. In a sea of bays, the whole audience gasped collectively when he walked in!

      grey stallion free jumping


      24. Taken just last week in Maryland’s unseasonably warm rain and fog, this is a horse at a local farm that I grabbed a shot of on my way to do last minute Christmas shopping!

      black and white horse in fog


      23. Sequin, a gorgeous filly owned by Lori Willis who briefly stayed at Worthmore Equestrian Center to be weaned.

      bay filly in stall


      22. Hershai du Marcian, better known as “Hershey.” A second level dressage horse, fox hunter, and river swimmer, he is also Mr. August in my Horses in the Studio Calendar!

      friesian horse black studio portrait


      21. Eliza and Leo during their photoshoot in the fall.

      girl and horse sunshine portrait


      20. I Think I Can, or “Spencer,” being brave during a smoke machine photo shoot! Mr. October in the 2016 Horses in the Studio Calendar.

      horse standing in smoke


      19. An ‘oops’ moment at Dressage at Devon in the terrible rainy weather this year. Not to worry, his rider got him refocused and they finished a lovely test!

      horse rearing dressage test


      18. A gorgeous moment in canter from the Young Horse Show I photographed.

      brown horse canter young horse show


      17. A herd of wild ponies on the beach at Assateague, Maryland during the summer. This image is featured in the 2016 Wild Horses Calendar!

      wild ponies assateague maryland


      16. Sonny, a gorgeous Quarter Horse owned by Christine Reynolds, modeling for me!

      quarter horse portrait


      15. Mo, at Worthmore Equestrian Center, going for the grass that’s greener on the other side!

      buckskin horse reaching under fence


      14. A gorgeous Knabstrupper waiting in the warm up area at Dressage at Devon this year.

      knabstrupper spotted horse head


      13. The before and after of an image taken of Sinatra Song, a Hanoverian stallion standing at High Point Hanoverians. Normally I wouldn’t go to such lengths to ‘save’ an image, but this one was worth putting the effort into! “Sinatra” is Mr. May in the 2016 Horses in the Studio Calendar!

      before and after sinatra song horse trotting


      12. My horse Bravo and my daughter Autumn – a photoshoot and memory I will be able to cherish forever.

      little girl kissing horse nose


      11. Reggie, a Standardbred weanling owned by Serenity Lynn, who was loves playing with his ball in the field. I’ve gotten lots of questions about his color, which is actually the result of him being in the middle of shedding his foal coat!

      standardbred foal playing with ball


      10. Mo again, in the evening summer sun. There’s a reason photographers love the golden hour!

      buckskin horse in evening sunlight


      9. A beautiful detail from Ginny and Sneaker’s photo shoot in the fall.

      hand to horse nose black and white


      8. St. Jakob, or “Jakob,” is a gorgeous Percheron-Friesian cross who does eventing with his owner, Meagan Symes. Mr. December in the 2016 Horses in the Studio Calendar!

      dapple grey horse studio portrait


      7. Cricket, another Standardbred filly owned by Liz Gannon who was actually turned out with Reggie above! (#11)

      bay filly standing full body


      6. The wild stallion Sir Gruff on Assateague Island, Maryland.

      bay stallion on beach


      5. Another of my daughter and Bravo – everything I start writing doesn’t seem like enough to express how much I love this, so I’ll just let it speak for itself!

      little girl hugggin arabian horse


      4. Another gorgeous Knabstrupper in the rain at Dressage at Devon – such an eye catcher!

      spotted horse in dressage arena


      3. Benson and Skogen, two super sweet Fjord horses owned by Darby Hewes. Another image that I reposted from 2014, this is a favorite that I will probably post every Christmas!

      two fjord horses with lights


      2. Sonny again, this time unadorned, but still as gorgeous!

      quarter horse gelding portrait


      And 1! This photo from the Young Horse Show I photographed has held onto the top spot since August – and really, how do you top a gorgeous horse with a perfect heart on it’s forehead??

      brown horse heart on forehead


      It’s always fascinating to see which photos everyone likes the best – don’t forget to follow along for exclusive photos and fun: purplehorsedesigns on Instagram.

      Thank you so much for an amazing 2015 and I’m looking forward to what 2016 brings!!