During my Social Media Free January, one of the things I’ve managed to accomplish is finally getting screen capture software and recording an edit!

      I’ve had so many requests for recording my edits, it’s just one of those things that has been constantly put on the back burner. Now, with the time I’m saving by not being on Facebook or Instagram this month, I finally got around to it!

      I had also decided I was going to create a new line of designs for phone cases in my Etsy store for this spring. I sat down to brainstorm how I could use my horse photographs and incorporate them in a way that was more than a photo, but not completely digital art either. I wanted to merge the two, and figured it would be fun to try out the new software while I created the first new design.

      Geometric White Horse Rose Gold Marble Phone Case


      Here is my first screen capture, which I turned into a speed edit. The actual edit was done over a couple of hours, which I figured nobody wanted to sit around and watch!

      Creating the many geometric shapes by hand and adding the textures that the image consists of is fairly simple, but time consuming.


      You can get the cell phone case here in my Etsy shop. Once all the new designs are complete, it will also be offered as a print.

      I was surprised at how easy it was to record, edit, and put up this video! I think part of the reason I had been putting it off was that I assumed it would be time consuming and difficult.

      I purchased Movavi, and while it took me a few minutes to get my bearings within the software, it’s really quite user friendly.

      Don’t forget to Subscribe to my Youtube channel – I’ll finally be uploading videos!



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