Model Call!

      ***As of February 20, 2017 I am no longer looking for 2017 models unless you have one of the following: A horse of color (paint, appaloosa, palomino, etc), a horse with long mane or unique facial marking, a well trained western horse (reining, barrel racing, cutting, etc – NOT trail riding.), or a horse that can do ‘tricks’ such as lay down, rear, or bow.

      That being said, I am frequently looking for different horses and humans to photograph, so if you believe you have something unique that I’d be interested in photographing, please send an email!***

      I am currently looking for equine (and a few human) models for the 2017 year! (No modeling experience required!)

      Modeling opportunities will vary and may include riding, portraits, liberty, studio, barn lifestyle and on location shoots. The session fee for the shoot will be waived and if selected, you will be compensated with FREE digital images to share online with family and friends.


      Group of Equine Portraits



      I’m not picky, but there are a few:

      • Must own or lease a horse within 2 hours of Chestertown, Md – 21620.
      • Open to all ages, genders, breeds, and disciplines.
      • If selected, you must sign a model release and liability release.
      • Special consideration will be given to multiple models at the same location, so make sure to share this with friends, trainers, and riding buddies!


      handsome guy posing with horse


      I am looking to do a few shoots at off-farm locations, such as the beach or other picturesque spots. Any horse doing these must be experienced and calm when in new locations.

      Studio shoots require access to an indoor arena and a minimum of 4 horses at the same location.

      Anyone interested who is too far, doesn’t have access to an indoor for studio work, or doesn’t have a suitable location can inquire about coming to my farm.

      Sessions will be spread out over the year and will range from traditional portraits to experimental lighting set ups. Most outside shoots will be scheduled for the first two hours after sunrise or the last two hours before sunset.

      I will be doing portrait type shoots, but – Do you have a large herd that can run in one field? Do you have mares and foals? Do you have a horse that can do a canter pirouette – or a reining spin – in my studio setup? Do you have access to a stunning garden, arena, or other gorgeous location? Can your horse do any tricks? Let me know!

      Have a specific idea for a shoot of your own, or don’t want to wait? Contact me to schedule your own session now!


      Group of Equine Studio Portraits



      Email with the subject line: 2017 Model Call – [Full Name] and include the answers to the following questions in your email:



      Horse(s) Name(s):

      Horse’s Location: (Farm Name + Address)

      Horse’s Breed:

      Riding Discipline:

      Riding Experience:


      Favorite Thing About Your Horse:

      Your Facebook:

      Your Instagram:

      Anything Else I Should Know:


      Attach 3-5 images of your horse to the email. If you wish to be considered as a model yourself, please include yourself in the photos and a riding shot. If you believe your farm is particularly picturesque, include a location shot. If you have more than one horse, include a set for each one. (Phone photos are fine.)

      1. Head Shot
      2. Full Body Shot
      3. Fun Shot
      4. Riding Shot
      5. Location Shot

      Thank you!!

      I look forward to chatting with you and seeing what we come up with!

      group of horses in sunshine and trees





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